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New Intel Technology That Has our Computer Consultants VERY Excited

Being an outsourced computer consultant in NY can be really exhausting, running between clients/street traffic, at every corner in New York there’s a network emergency that demands our attention wherever our computer consultants are. That’s why we were excited when we heard about Intel’s announcement today that they will be releasing their new mobile chip  AKA  ’Haswell’ that will be able power laptops for up to24hrs on one single charge, yeah you heard me right. If this news proves to be true, our computer consultants will no longer be running through the streets of New York desperately looking for a local Starbucks to plug their laptop in.  Intel’s Haswell uses so little power–about 20 times less than other mobile processors, that it can run off of a solar cell just as calculators do.

Only time will tell if we can hold Intel to their word and you can bet we’ll be here to review when it releases in 2013

via Gizmodo

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