About Us

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Computer Consulting Company also known as CCC, is a small company based out of Manhattan New York. Since 2001, we have specialized in remote support and onsite computer consulting for windows and Mac networks for small and medium size businesses. All of our trained and certified technicians live and breath technology and networking.

Unlike many consulting firms, CCC is focused on client needs and improving user productivity through technology, rather than billing every last dollar. This has resulted in long term and satisfied clientele and has grown our firm at a rapid rate the past 8 years. We look forward to the opportunity of introducing you to our team, and a new way of maintaining your productivity through technology.

Computer Consulting Company doesn’t just support Manhattan, but business all over New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island. Manhattan Computer Consulting is quite unique, due to the fact that New York businesses in general, move faster than those in other locations.

Computer Consulting New York (CC of NY): 

New York City’s best IT Computer Consulting & Network Consulting Service Provider

Computer Consulting New York is the best computer consulting and network consulting company in NY.  The New York IT computer consulting firm focuses on onsite and remote best IT support for small to medium size business networks. As the best IT support, CC NY provides IT support services from virus and spyware removal to new server installations. The IT computer consulting firm also handles Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning and Implementation and much more.

Length of Service

We’ve been an established New York computer consulting company for nearly a decade. Our firm’s stability and communication skills have helped garner us much attention as NY’s Best IT Support firm.

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Computer Consulting Certifications

Certified and qualified computer consultants with excellent communication skills are not easy to come by. Computer Consulting New York has been working with highly trained computer consultants with excellent communications and technical skills. Having already worked in IT for at least three to five years, our IT computer consulting team has the experience and resources to assist you with all of your IT support needs. They also have Microsoft and Cisco certifications and rank among the finest in their field.

In Case of Network Emergency

Computer Consulting for New York’s Network Emergency Hotline is (877) 467-4989. A computer consultant is ready 24/7 365 days a year to tackle all of your IT support problems. If the line is busy, you will hear from us within 15 minutes of leaving a voicemail. Computer Consulting New York has the best IT consultants available at all times to assist you.

Server Troubleshooting New York

Free Network Assessment and Network Audit

During Computer Consulting NY’s initial visit, we will generate a network assessment and network audit report. That report will be immediately brought to the clients’ attention to discuss and further analyze the options for the best IT support. It is common that a firm’s current strategy is not the best IT solution. By bringing in a third party, such as Computer Consulting for New York, these overlooked issues will be discovered and fixed.

Remote IT Support- New York, NY

Many IT support issues can be resolved quickly and easily by having a computer consultant log in remotely and securely to assist you and your firm. We strongly advise our clientele to have both onsite and remote IT as part of every company’s overall IT support plan. It is still important to have onsite maintenance visits from our computer consultant. But often times, be it weather or just opportunity, our remote IT support staff is more than capable of working remotely.